We at Electronic Sump Pump Switch.PumpsSelection.com have been looking for a reliable sump pump switch for many years. We have tried various sump pump float switches. Some got caught on the pit wall; others got stuck in the ‘on’ position and burned the pump motor out. Fortunately one of them failed while we were home and we were able to replace it, but had to remove the pump for the pit.

Fortunately in 2011, we were introduced to the engineer of an electronic sump pump switch, HC6000. We were impressed by what we learned from STAK Enterprises, Inc.  They, like us, were looking for a more reliable sump pump switch. Since they found none, they patented their own. They began their invention in 2002 and performed extensive testing so their product would be known for its quality. Their electronic pump switch controllers have been a great success.

Because we are so pleased with the electronic sump pump switch, we wanted to let you know about it. Though it cost almost twice as much as a traditional float switch, we have felt the extra cost is well worth the peace of mind plus the ease of installation because it attaches to the discharge pipe.  The manufacturer is so confident of their product they even offer a lifetime warranty. Since we installed the HC6000 electronic pump controller switch in 2011 we have had no problems. Based on customer ratings, there are many others who are very happy with the electronic pump controller switch. The HC6000 Hi-Lo Sump Pump Controller (Dual Sensors)  has a 4.8 out of 5 rating. Excellent.

We live in a high water table area and our sump pump runs even if it doesn’t rain.  We were concerned about ‘pump short cycling’. With the electronic sump pump controller, HC6000, we have been able to decrease the frequency at which our pump runs by setting the ‘on’ and ‘off’ point of the pump where it suits our needs.

Our mission is to bring you the most reliable sump pump switches that will protect your home from water damage.
We will also present other sump pump switches for your shopping pleasure because we realize they are many types of sump pump situations. We trust that you will find a sump pump switch that works best for your water pumping needs so you too will have peace of mind when you are on vacation and those heavy thunderstorms roar through your area with many inches of rain.
Electronic Sump Pump Switch Controller-Most Reliable On The Market

May you find the sump pump switch that fits your water pumping needs.

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